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The Trojan Press website has over one hundred and thirty-five pages and nearly just as many books to download or read online. For first time users, this can be quite confusing so we have listed here a few hints on how to best navigate your way around this website.

First off, the main pages can be accessed through the navigation panel located along the top right and the bottom left column of every page (when you’re viewing it on a desktop or laptop computer). Click on the Library link to bring up all of Chester’s works which feature a clickable book cover that will take you to a specific page.

On all our book and mini-mag pages (including the Translations and Ozlit pages), you will find a button that allows you to directly download a PDF of that specific book (including its cover) so you can read it offline at your leisure. With our Ozlit section, each page gives you a few paragraphs to whet your reading appetite. If you wish to read further just click the Download button.

There may also be an additional button which when clicked takes you to a new section on the page that talks about the writing of the book. Here you will gain an insight into why Chester wrote that particular piece. It’s a great way to better understand the work and put it into some sort of context.

Many pages also come with the option of reading the text live on screen. This is particularly true on all of our mini-mag pages. You will also notice a round word bubble featuring a sound graphic (see example). Simply click on the icon and the page will start speaking. It’s excellent for those wanting a free audiobook experience!

To round off our search options we also have a complete list of all available pages available on Trojan Press through our Site Map page. Every link listed will take you direct to that specific page. And with over 135 pages online there’s a lot to see.

And if there’s anything you’re having trouble accessing or wanting to know more about please feel free to contact the author Chester Eagle direct in his email below. We hope you enjoy reading through the many pages of Trojan Press!